Striking Nestle worker murdered by right wing paramilitaries

Striking Nestle worker and trade union organiser, Oscar lopez, was shot four times by multiple gunmen in a local bar. ‘Sinaltrainal’, his trade union had been locked in a bitter dispute with Nestle over union recognition and report receiving several death threats via text message from a right-wing paramilitary group, ‘Urabenos’- the day before Lopez was murdered. The messages read, “We are going to chop you up” and “Death to all Communists”.

Subversion #9

Issue of Subversion with articles about Nestlé, animal liberation, Sylvia Pankhurst, the anti-Parliamentary communist and a review of Left-wing communism in Britain 1917-21… an infantile disorder? by Bob Jones.

Action against Nestle factory closure, Marseille, 2004

Nestle threaten staff with job losses


Corporate giant Nestle has threatened workers with job losses if they refuse to accept a 15% reduction in wages.