An interview with Nigerian anarchist Sam Mbah

Transcript of an interview with Sam Mbah, co-author of African Anarchism, conducted in Nigeria in March 2012. In it he discusses the Awareness League, unions, activism, global solidarity and the prospects for anarchism in Africa.

Class struggles in the Nigerian coal industry, 1914-1949

In-depth study of working class organisation at the Enugu Government Colliery in Nigeria from its opening in 1914 until a massacre of 21 striking miners in 1949.

Poison Fire (Documentary)

Poison Fire is a grassroots documentary that brings together video testimonies and evidence on the impacts of oil spills and gas flaring in the Niger Delta.

Nigerian workers win partial victory as strike ends

Nigerian unions have called off their national strike after a turbulent week. The Nigerian government have been forced into a partial climbdown, and have reinstated 60% of the fuel subsidies that they scrapped at the start of the year.

Nigerian unions give government an ultimatum

Nigerian unions have issued the government with an ultimatum. Either re-introduce the fuel subsidy that was scrapped at the beginning of the month, or the strikes will escalate to Nigeria's oil production.

General strike in Nigeria

The launch of what unions have labelled an 'indefinite' strike in Nigeria, has led to many injuries and deaths as security forces clash with strikers and protestors. Despite Nigeria having substantial oil reserves, petrol prices have more than doubled in a week, in a country where the vast majority of the population live on less than $2 a day.

Stretching natural resources to their limit… for you!

Processed World on Shell in Nigeria.

Nigerian police kill protestors against cop brutality

Police reportedly fired live ammunition into a crowd of young people on April 3rd, killing two — at a protest against the force's killing of another man two days previously.

Doctors' strikes without borders

Underfunded: Lagos University Hospital

Medical doctors in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Yemen have walked out this week in rows over pay, conditions and safety.

Coca Cola plant goes up in flames

Three persons died and several others were injured when the multi-million naira Coca Cola plant at Eyean, near Benin City, Edo State, on Tuesday went up in flames during an explosion that causes extensive damage to the facility.