A political revolution for women? The case of Paris - Darline Gay Levy and Harriet B. Applewhite

Women' s March to Versailles during the French Revolution

The women's march to Versailles capped months of women's political involvement during the French Revolution - in Paris neighbourhoods, electoral assemblies, the conquest of the Bastille and in several dozen processions with the newly formed national guard. Thousands of marching women empowered themselves as citizens as they confronted and helped to abolish the monarchy - and then continued to confront the new authorities.

Italian taxi drivers and truckers strike against fuel prices and economic reform

Taxi drivers and truckers across Italy set up road blocks in a protests against record fuel prices, and government reforms to 'free up' their work sectors. More strikes are planned for the coming weeks and months across a variety of sectors.

The 'pitchfork movement' shuts down Sicily for fourth consecutive day

Report on the struggle of the 'Pitchfork Movement' in Sicily which has seen a major blockades around the island (including the port of Palermo) for the past four days in protest against rising petrol prices.

Nigerian workers win partial victory as strike ends

Nigerian unions have called off their national strike after a turbulent week. The Nigerian government have been forced into a partial climbdown, and have reinstated 60% of the fuel subsidies that they scrapped at the start of the year.

Nigerian unions give government an ultimatum

Nigerian unions have issued the government with an ultimatum. Either re-introduce the fuel subsidy that was scrapped at the beginning of the month, or the strikes will escalate to Nigeria's oil production.

General strike in Nigeria

The launch of what unions have labelled an 'indefinite' strike in Nigeria, has led to many injuries and deaths as security forces clash with strikers and protestors. Despite Nigeria having substantial oil reserves, petrol prices have more than doubled in a week, in a country where the vast majority of the population live on less than $2 a day.

From Arab spring to Israeli summer

Young people are demanding affordable housing

Adam Ford writes on the wave of protest sweeping across Israel, where hundreds of thousands of people are standing up to high rents and low wages.

Silent revolution in Belarus

The situation in Belarus is now getting closer to the one that was during the elections in December 2010 but now it seems to be more massive and popular.

Lawlessness and crisis in Greece while Portugal begin bailout talks

As the Greek government struggles to enforce austerity on its protesting citizens, Europe's bankers whisper about the possibilities of never getting their money back and its likely consequences.

The summer strikes in Poland, 1980 - Echanges et Mouvement

A brief article by Echanges et Mouvement on the 1980 strikes in Poland which was sparked when the price of meat was raised by the Communist government.