Seattle General Strike 1919

The Year 1919

Iron & steel strikers - US, 1919

A short account of the revolutionary events of the year 1919

The Seattle General Strike of 1919

Strikers - Seattle 1919

A short account of the Seattle General Strike of 1919

Video footage from the Seattle general strike, 1919

Excerpt from Witness to Revolution: The Story of Anna Louise Strong. Contains original film footage from 1919, the only known footage of the strike. Produced and directed by Lucy Ostrander.

The Industrial Workers of the World in the Seattle general strike - Colin M. Anderson

An attempt to find out the IWW's actual involvement in the Seattle General Strike of 1919, which has been hampered by myths caused by the capitalist press and AFL union leaders of the time.

The Seattle general strike of 1919

Seattle shipyards: the strike begins

The detailed official history of the strike, in which the city was taken over by the workers, by the History Committee of the General Strike Committee, March 1919 with a preface from Root and Branch in 1972.

1919: The Seattle general strike

A general strike of 100,000 workers, which saw the city shut down and all essential services provided under workers' control.