Tower Hamlets College strike 2009

Struggle as a second language - interview with Tower Hamlets College strikers

An interview with two workers involved in the open-ended strike against cuts at Tower Hamlets College last year. They describe their criticisms of the union, the ongoing problems since the partial victory at the college, and the state of the sector in the face of government austerity cuts.

Why did we risk it all? Because we won't go down without a fight.

In August and September 2009, about 250 members of teaching staff at Tower Hamlets College went on strike over compulsory redundancies and cuts to course provision. Catalyst spoke to one of the strikers, Rachel, in the aftermath of the strike, about the up and downs of the battle against the bosses.

An account of unofficial action at Tower Hamlets College

A short account by a participant of a staff rebellion in 2009 against an enforced training session, which helped build workers' collective confidence prior to a big strike.

Tower Hamlets College strikers interview

The Commune interviews two participants in the September 2009 ESOL teachers strike in East London against job cuts.

Tower Hamlets College strike ends in partial victory

After a month-long strike against cuts, teaching staff at Tower Hamlets College have voted to return to work.

ESOL teachers on indefinite strike in Tower Hamlets


Over 250 UCU members at Tower Hamlets College are in day 10 of an indefinite strike against cuts.