The Class Struggle (Erfurt Program) Daniel De Leon translation

The Class Struggle (Erfurt Program) Daniel De Leon translation

We disagree with their electoralism but reproduce this text for reference.

The Class Struggle (Erfurt Program) 1892 Karl Kautsky.
1894 English translation by Daniel De Leon published by The People.
Semi-official commentary on the program adopted at Erfurt between 1891 and 1921 of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

Published as separate pamphlets.

* The Working Class/ The Proletariat (Labor Library No. 10)
* The Capitalist Class (Labor Library No. 7)
* The Co-operative Commonwealth (Labor Library No. 9)/ The Socialist Republic
* The Class Struggle (Labor Library No. 11)

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  • From now on the militant proletariat is no longer like an army fighting hard to defend positions already won; now it must become clear to the dullest onlooker that it is an irresistible conqueror.

    Karl Kautsky