ABC of anarchism - Alexander Berkman

First published in 1929, this book by Alexander Berkman answers some of the charges made against it and presents the case for communist anarchism. Thorough and well stated, it is today regarded as a classic statement of the cause's goals and methods.

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"Our social institutions are founded on certain ideas; as long as the latter are generally believed, the institutions built on them are safe. Government remains strong because people think political authority and legal compulsion are necessary. Capitalism will continue as long as such an economic system is considered adequate and just. The weakening of the ideas which support the evil and oppressive present-day conditions means the ultimate breakdown of government and capitalism. Progress consists in abolishing what man has outlived and substituting in its place a more suitable environment."


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Nice searchable online version here:

I fucking love this picture of him and Emma Goldman:

It also looks like there's been a lot of requests to record Berkman's stuff for librivox if anybody's feeling ambitious...