Against all tyranny! Essays on anarchism in Brazil - Edgar Rodriguez, Renato Ramos and Alexandre Samis

Contemporary anarchists in Brazil

A short collection of writings on the anarchist movement in Brazil from the late 19th century onwards, published in 2003 by the Kate Sharpley Library.

Submitted by Steven. on February 23, 2015


  • History of the anarchist movement in Brazil
  • Chronology 1823-1937
  • Russians looking for a Brazilian Eldorado
  • Edgard Leuenroth, 1881-1968
  • Edgard Leuenroth and the 1917 strike
  • Maria Lacerda de Moura, 1887-1944
  • Domingos Passos: the Brazilian Bakunin
  • Frederico Kniestedt
  • Antonino Dominguez
  • Looking back after 70 years on the Rua Frel Caneca incident
  • Clevelandia: the green hell
  • Luigi a.k.a. Gigi Damiani

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