Anarchy #01 1971

First Issue of the Second series of Anarchy magazine from February 1971, cover title is Towards a Rational Bisexuality, and many articles concern sexuality and Queer liberation.

Submitted by Reddebrek on August 14, 2018


  • Libertarian Message to Gay Liberation - California Libertarian Alliance
  • The Case for Enlightened Bisexuality - David Godin
  • Women's Liberation: Freedom Through Counter-revolution? - Louise Crowley and Sabot (Seattle)
  • Masculine/Feminine - Betty Roszak and Theodore Roszak
  • Eros and Revolution - a review of Maurice Brinton's "The Irrational in Politics"
  • Wilhelm Reich's Work Theory - Jack Gallego
  • Lesbians as Bogeywomen - Judy Grahn
    Aspects of Anarchy: Sena Hoy - Mike Jones