Anarchy #31 1980/1

parenting and sexuality cartoon

Sexuality issue of Anarchy.

Submitted by Fozzie on January 20, 2024

Publication date unclear. Thanks to Kate Sharpley Library for providing a copy to be scanned.


  • It Happened In Venice (introduction)
  • Labour Organisation and Resistance (In Britain Today) - David Morris
  • Towards an anarchist alternative to laying the table - Charlotte Baggins (on free love and relationships)
  • Letters on previous issues (riots / childcare)
  • Anarchist prisoners Carl Harp and John Bosch on revolutionary love
  • A cure for eyesight - Fabian (on masturbation)
  • Secret Photo Love (detourned cartoon)
  • The art of pouring a bucket of cold water - The undertaker for little deaths (situationist-ish)