The Raven #43: Food

A cartoon of a zombie Ronald McDonald with a large shadow behind it

Final issue of the anarchist journal The Raven, published by Freedom Press in 2003.

Submitted by Fozzie on October 15, 2022


  • McWorld on Trial - Dave Morris and Helen Steel
  • What's Wrong With McDonalds (the text of the current leaflet)*
  • Food and Green Aspirations - Colin Ward
  • Democratic Lobsters - Tuli Kupferberg
  • The Baby Milk Scandal - Edmund McArthur
  • Slavery and Cadburys Chocolate - Brian Bamford
  • Famine in Biafra 1967-1970 - Donald Rooum
  • The Answer to Candy - Tuli Kupferberg
  • Food Facts - Mick Cropper
  • Shopping Maul - Schnews
  • Food Poverty in Britain in the 1930s and 1940s - John Hewetson
  • Food: The Genius of Man and God - Brian Bamford
  • Community Supported Agriculture - Mike Hamilton
  • Notes on Malnutrition and World Poverty - Andrea Kinty
  • Comparing 1oz and 6oz - Tuli Kupferberg
  • Permaculture: ethical design for abundant living - Graham Burnett
  • Anarchism and the Sociology of Food: a figurational approach - Peter Nevillie
  • Dr Pusztai promised a monster and produced a mouse - Donald Rooum
  • Pusztai: an interpretation - Jonn Roe

*Libcom note: It is worth noting that the original version of this leaflet was partly authored by spycop Bob Lambert.


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