Anatomy of a riot - radio interview with Bristol Radical History Group

Looting in Birmingham during the August 2011 'riots'
Looting in Birmingham during the August 2011 'riots'

In August 2011, riots erupted in the UK following the police killing of a black man in North London. Four days of looting and battles with the authorities ensued.

Submitted by Joseph Kay on July 26, 2012

Many conclusions were hastily drawn by the media, politicians, and the left about who rioted, who was targeted, and the nature of the riots. The Bristol Radical History Group did a postmortem of the unrest based on empirical data, which as Roger Wilson explains, sheds light on more than just the events of last year. He discusses the underlying politics of riots and rioting.

This interview was broadcast on KPFA Against the Grain and can be listened to here.

:arrow: BRHG, Communities, commodities and class: The August 2011 riots, Aufheben, 2011-12.
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