The CIO's left-led unions, edited by Steve Rosswurm

A collection edited by Steve Rosswurm of the CIO's unions's that had radical left leadership.

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-Introduction: An Overview and Preliminary Assessment of the CIO's Expelled Unions by Steve Rosswurm

-Class and Race in the Crescent City: The ILWU, from San Francisco to New Orleans by Bruce Nelson

-Who Controls the Hiring Hall?: The Struggle for Job Control in the ILWU During World War II by Nancy Quam-Wickham

-Black and White Together: Organizing in the South with the Food, Tobacco, Agricultural & Allied Workers Union (FTA-CIO), 1946-1952 by Karl Korstad

-William Sentner, the UE, and Civic Unionism in St. Louis by Rosemary Feurer

-The Catholic Church and the Left-Led Unions: Labor Priests, Labor Schools, and the ACTU by Steve Rosswurm

-McCarthyism and the Labor Movement: The Role of the State by Ellen W. Schrecker

-Fighting Left-Wing Unionism: Voices from the Opposition to the IFLWU in Fulton County, New York by Gerald Zahavi

-The Shop-Floor Dimension of Union Rivalry: The Case of Westinghouse in the 1950s by Mark McColloch

-"An Old Soldier" by Tom Juravich



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I read this book a few years ago.It's not libertarian oriented in any way. It's interesting and informative from generally left of center and liberal points of view.

One of the main takeaways for me was the difficulty it is to be a radical, organize and run a clean organization and still have certain political factors smash all your accomplishments. Again, the unions were not revolutionary nor libertarian, but left CIO unions.

Good read and worth the time.