Class War on the home front - revolutionary opposition to the Second World War: the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation

Wildcat's excellent pamphlet on the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation in the first half of the 20th century, and its contributions to debates around the Spanish civil war, World War II and the role of revolutionary organisation.

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Originally printed in 1986 by Wildcat, comprising articles from the pages of Solidarity, the paper of the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation, and commentaries by Wildcat.
reprinted by communist reprints 1998.

Digitised by Subversion

"This pamphlet chronicles the hidden history of revolutionary opposition to the Second World War through a collection of articles which originally appeared in the APCF's newspaper, Solidarity, between 1939 and 1944. Other articles include contributions from Paul Mattick and Anton Pannekoek.

The powerful arguments put forward by the APCF to support their case that all out struggle against capitalism is the ONLY meaningful opposition to war are as true and as relevant today as ever before. Their call for the 'destruction of ALL Imperialism by the Proletarian World Revolution' must be taken up to prevent the horrors of the last war being repeated again." - Wildcat 1986



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just a quick bump, because we have now formatted this nicely with proper footnotes and everything


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Arrived here via a google search for "Scottish Workers' Congress" + "1944", so, as this excellent pamphlet is the only place online which there is - an admittedly brief - mention of the Scottish Workers' Congress, I thought I'd post a link to this article from the June 1944 issue of the Socialist Standard, which also discusses the SWC: