Communist Bulletin, Issue 14 - Summer 1989

Cover of Communist Bulletin issue 14
Cover of Communist Bulletin issue 14

Communist Bulletin, Issue 14 - Summer 1989

Submitted by schalken on May 9, 2016

"Massacre in Peking." The bankruptcy of Chinese capitalism is exposed as the workers and students fight back against capitalist butchery on the streets of the capital.
"Workers Against the Left in Manchester." A comrade from Subversion writes about council workers' fight against bosses and Unions in Manchester.
"Leaflet." A Subversion Leaflet on the council cuts in Bradford and the danger for workers.
"Capitalist Bloodbath in Venezuela." The recent riots against I.M.F. imposed auterity faced a bloody bourgeoisie determined to assert their rule.
"Poland and Hungary: Capitalism's Way out in the East." These two countries exemplify Gorbachov's 'solution' to the capitalist crisis in the East, a solution which still faces proletarian resistance.
"Correspondence." An exchange of letters with Attack International on working class politics and support for bourgeois fractions in Ireland.
"The Proletarian Milieu and Regroupment." The very first response by the ICC to the political positions of the CBG, wholly inaccurate though they were, allows us an exposition of what we stand for politically and how we view the possibilities for Regroupment.
"Capitalist Decadence - A Restatement." Our contribution to the Subversion conference in July on State Capitalist restates the communist notition of decadence and its importance for understanding what constitutes communist politics today.
"Review." Mark Shipway's new book "The Movement for Workers Councils in Britain 1917-1945" is an important contribution to communist history in Britain.


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