The Crowbar #11 Dec 18th 1982

11th issue of Brixton based squatting newsletter Crowbar.

Contents include: Crowbar respondes to expose in the Daily Telegraph, a pissed off tenant from the Loughborough Estate writes about collectivising repairs, squatters pirate radio listings, police raids on Railton Road, Norwich squatters try to start Co-Op, Gipsy Hill squatters resist demolitions, internationa news, death of squatter John McCaig, Wakefield cops raid Freedom Press in search of communique from Angry Brigade Resistance Movement, Tory Councillor receives "voodoo gift", letter: police techniques, changes to social security / benefits system, squatters pirate radio busted, Crass squat the Rainbow in Finsbury Park.

Submitted by Fozzie on December 21, 2021

PDF courtesy of archive / Mayday Rooms.