Direct Action (SolFed) #34 2005

Anarcho-syndicalist magazine published by the Solidarity Federation. This issue's theme: organising.

Submitted by Fozzie on September 16, 2022


  • Union bosses ... in today's 'snakeholder' society. You don't see many pictures of 'trade union
    leaders' in the paper or on telly like you used to - are we better off without them?
  • Wageslaves@home: Home workers are an example of the exploitative nature of capitalism running riot and, surprise surprise, the Government is unwilling to intervene to protect these vulnerable and exploited workers.
  • God: Here we go again
  • Stealing from pensioners
  • Tsunami Reaction
  • No Justice for Gordon Gentle
  • On the edge. Fundamental Flames; Winning Online; Terrorist Threats; FFF - Free Sex Now' Globalised Exposure; Forced Labour; Children of the Revolution
  • international news
  • Features: Textile Troubles; IWA-AIT International Congress
  • Struggles in the Spanish Shipyards: 2004 was a busy year for shipyard workers in Spain, with pitched battles Elgainst the state right across the country.
  • Luddites & Lackeys: During the early purt of the 19th Century, working class people started organizing and trying out methods of resistance. Important lessons were alreudy being learned which would later contribute to the advent of early anarcho-syndicalism.
  • Starting out - Organising at work: Interview with people organising today in the voluntary and community sectors around Bristol
  • Justicepage: Blunkett's gone! Shed no tears and if you are tempted, you won't be after you have read thisl
  • notes+letters
  • Review Feature: Christie pickings
    Granny Made me an Anarchist: General Franco, the Angry Brigade and me - Stuart Christie
    Edward Heath Made Me Angry: the Christie File - part 3, 1967-1975
  • books and pamphlet reviews
    A Summer in the Park - Tony Alien
    The Favourite Child - Freda Lightfoot
    Lifelines - David Gribble
    Anarchism - Sean M. Sheehan
    Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice - Rudolf Rocker
  • music and Film reviews
    Band Aid 20 'Do they know it's Christmas?' & Spanner 'Gate Crashers'
    Vera Drake - Director Mike Leigh
  • Get off our land! The history of rural Britain is a story of brutal class oppression that in many ways surpasses the horrors inflicted on the urban population by capitalism.
  • DA resources: Info., upcoming events, campaigns, friends & neighbours