Direct Action (SolFed) #33 2004

Anarcho-syndicalist magazine published by the Solidarity Federation. This issue's theme: small world & globalisation.

Submitted by Fozzie on September 15, 2022


  • Notes on (inter) Nationalism: Maybe when all the world drinks Starf**ks, eats Panninis and plays football for Chelsea, we will be truly Internationalists.
  • Mess O' potamia: democracy doublespeak - They tell us that the Iraq war is about bringing peace to the people of Iraq. And there we have it. The Orwellian nightmare in 2004. Ignorance is strength. Freedom is authority. War is peace.
  • Sequestration debate
  • The war on children
  • European Social Forum
  • Making Whistleblowing Work
  • Global solidarity or boss-led cabals?
  • Getting on ... The gravy train
  • Concrete Jungles
  • Laing O'Rourke 'Contrick'
  • On the edge: Smoking Solutions; Poverty Managers; Fizzy Oceans?; Bio-warning; In-voluntary Work; Iroshima Plus60; Tony's Orwellian Vision; Showdown With The Feds; 100,000 Dead In Iraq; Indymedia Robbed
  • international news
  • Oil Strikes.
  • Zhong Guo Rising: In the post-Cold War era, and Chinese military development concentrates on acquiring the capability to fight a hightechnology war.
  • Globalisation: Neither Left nor Right - The state does not hinder the working of capitalism as the free market right would have it, nor does it restrict or limit it, as the left would have it: The state works only in the interest of capitalism.
  • Rediscovering Global Solidarity: The International Workers' Association has been around for over 80 years. Now growing again after decades of oppression and marginalisation,the 22nd Congress is in Granada, Spain in December 2004.
  • Justicepage: Pension Off Pensions
  • Review Feature: The Chomsky Tapes
    Noam Chomsky speaking on Anarchism:
    Noam Chomsky debates Richard Perle:
    Noam Chomsky - peering into the Abyss - Whats Left
  • books and pamphlets reviews:
    Thinking Allowed - Sarah Young
    Diana Mosley - Anne de Courcy
    Beyond Oil - Rising Tide
  • music and TV reviews:
    Sick56/HigginsH - Out of a black pool e.p.
    Various Artists: 13 Ways to Live
  • 140 Years of Difference: A 21st Century perspective on the First International - the anarchists predicted over half a century in advance, that the Marxist state would be based on the dictatorship of a new privileged political-scientific class of 'learned' socialists.
  • DA resources: Info., upcoming events, campaigns, friends & neighbours.