Direct Action (SolFed) #30 2004

Cover of Direct Action #30

Anarcho-syndicalist magazine published by the Solidarity Federation. This issue's theme: New Labour's clampdown.

Submitted by Fozzie on September 12, 2022


  • Welcome to the clampdown: New Labour are clamping down on laughing, smoking, shagging, drinking ale (not red wine), being fat, not being fit, taking drugs, being old with no money, being disabled, hating school, hating working for some thieving ‘entrepreneur’, talking on the street, not cleaning your teeth and farting. I’m dead.
  • Big Brother Britain, 2004: Britain is alone in being without any privacy law to protect people against constant surveillance.
  • Benefit cheats: Read about those nasty folk who are living off the state.
  • Yob Culture; The Party’s over
  • Respect coalition; National shame of deaths from cold
  • Na-no-futures?
  • DSEi jailings; Primate change; On the edge: Aslef off the rails; Thanks MA’M; Bribery pays; Still no clampdown on corporate killing; BNRR eco-dumb; GM update; Finger fight; Outsourcing again; Ignorance US-style.
  • international news: Israel/Palestine, Turkey, France, Belguim, Spain, Venezuela, Greece, Argentina, Saipan, Mexico, Poland, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Korea.
  • Iraq: workers’ resistance
  • Death by clampdown: The media and politicians tried to blame the Morecambe Bay tragedy on gang masters and people smugglers - but the story doesn’t match up to reality.
  • Britain: A century of Britain: A century of suppression - A quick canter through a century of UK state
    violence, all in the name of keeping us down.
  • Our direct action roots: The Scottish experience. Focus on the glorious history of struggle in Scotland.
  • 12,000 prisoners proved innocent: There is a saying, all prisoners are political prisoners. What is certainly true is that crime and punishment is a class issue.
  • ideas for change: ideas for change: DIY funerals - Why green burials make sense.
  • notes+letters
  • CDs/spoken word reviews:
    The emerging framework of world power - Noam Chomsky
    Chile: Promise of freedom - The Chile 30 Collective of the San Fransisco-based Freedom Archives.
  • books and pamphlets reviews:
    Around the world in twelve stories - Rani Drew
    The almost perfect crime: The misrepresentation of Portuguese anarchism - Julio Carrapato
  • periodical reviews:
    Abolishing the Borders from Below
    Northern Voices: Our urban environment
  • STILL getting away with murder: Asbestos epidemics 2004-2020
  • DA resources - Info., upcoming events, campaigns, friends & neighbours.