Direct Action (SolFed) #28 2003

Anarcho-syndicalist magazine published by the Solidarity Federation. This issue's theme is "wage slaves and wage slavery".

Submitted by Fozzie on September 7, 2022


  • Editorial
  • blairedvision: Dark side of the boom - Labour lets the bosses off the hook and moves in on poor parents instead.
  • Independence from America day
  • Tiny trackers
  • Electrical storms: JIB notes
  • Mass deception: Lose the Levy
  • On the edge: 'Treaty no treat; Un-Fairford - State terrorism; Guantanamo Bay justice in Britain;
  • Dropping dead; Baku solidarity action; 45-minute lies; Lowest common denominator
  • international news: Iraq, Spain, Peru, Japan, Euskadi, Palestine, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Australia, US, India, Cuba, Canada, Colombia, South Korea, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh.
  • CNT goes Full Monty; Garment workers updates.
  • globalfocus: Congo Capitalist mineral lust fuels bloodshed.
  • centrespread: Workplace Militancy: the Left, the Unions & Anarcho-Syndicalism - Why has workplace activity in Britain reached such a low point? Why is it different in France and elsewhere? The political left and trade union leaderships have a lot to do with it.
  • Corporate Killing: the proposals - After years of broken promises, Labour's proposals on Corporate Killing are out. Here's the lowdown.
  • Change: Loose or real? From disposable workers to binning the bosses in one nano-generation.
  • The changing nature of fascism: The new fascism, while quietly dropping biological racism and promoting cultural struggle as its new basis, appears to be adopting elements of feminism. The British National Party is on record as stating that it opposes the attitude of Islam towards women.
  • Know your rights - stuff your boss - Wage slavery; quick facts on your rights at work.
  • justicepage - Thessaloniki 8
  • notes+letters
  • reviews
    SchNEWS Annual 2003;
    Miguel Garcia; Weapons of Mass Deception;
    The Deletist, Don't take the Peace (B52 two campaign);
    The Age of Consent (Monbiot).
  • Mindgames & warcrimes ...and the debate that should be happening: We need to look beyond the idea that the war was all about the profits to be made from oil and find the deeper reasons - and the implications they have for us all.
  • DA resources - Info., upcoming events, campaigns, friends & neighbours.