Falling Wall Book Review #1 (1974)

Falling Wall Book Review 1 cover

Debut issue of the journal of Falling Wall Press.

Reviews and commentary on:

  • A Workers' Enquiry by Karl Marx - Selma James
  • Amistad I edited by John A. Williams and Charles F. Harris - Althea Jones
  • From Feminism to Liberation edited by Edith Hoshino Altbach - Priscilla Allen
  • Five Months of Struggle by Big Flame - Huw Beynon
  • State Capitalism and World Revolution by C.L.R. James - Selma James
  • Be His Payment High or Low by Martin Glaberman - Huw Beynon
  • Modern Politics by C.L.R. James - Jeremy Mulford
  • From Sundown to Sunup by George P. Rawick - Darcus Howe
  • Women in Rebellion, 1900 by Mrs. Wibaut and Lily Gair Wilkinson - Wendy Edmond
  • Big Mother and Little Mother in Matabeleland by Edgar Moyo - Suzie Fleming
  • TV Handbook - Sally Ridge