Falling Wall Book Review #3/4 (1975)

Falling Wall Book Review 3-4 cover

Double issue of the journal of Falling Wall Press with book reviews and commentary.

Submitted by Fozzie on May 15, 2024

Reviews and commentary on:

  • Power of Women Journal Nos. 1 & 2, reviewed by Dorothy Kidd
  • Ferruccio Gambino, Workers' Struggle and the Development of Ford in Britain, reviewed by Dave Feickert
  • Ken Weller, The Lordstown Struggle. reviewed by Sam Weinstein
  • Wilhelm Reich & Karl Teschitz, Selected Sex-Pol Essays 1934-37, reviewed by Selma James
  • Bukka Rennie, History of the Working-Class in the 20th Century—Trinidad and Tobago, reviewed by Franklin Smith
  • 20 Years, reviewed by Ian Macdonald
  • Free Thomas Wansley, reviewed by Beverley Bryan
  • Teachers' Action Nos. 1 & 2, reviewed by Jeremy Mulford
  • Stephen Hymer, Robinson Crusoe and the Secret of Primitive Accumulation. reviewed by Gavin Edwards
  • Don't Be Too Hard on Soft Cops, reviewed by Priscilla Allen
  • The Threepenny Doctor, reviewed by Suzie Fleming
  • Details of the Falling Wall Book Service