book reviews

Book Review: 'We Move Together'

A review of a book for younger readers on the topic of disability.

Book Review: ‘Salvador Puig Antich’

A book review of an anthology of writings about the Catalan Anarchist Salvador Puig Antich.

Review: Evolution and Environment by Peter Kropotkin

Book review from Black Flag #219 (2000).

More Reviews

Shorter reviews from Black Flag #219 (2000) including a James Bond film, The Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War by Robert Alexander and books by Marge Piercy and Donald Rooum.

Book Review: ‘DISORDER’

A review of the political fable 'DISORDER'.

Book Review: ‘For Workers’ Power’

A review of a selection of writings by Maurice Brinton.

More book reviews - Black Flag

Reviews of Pacifism as Pathology by Ward Churchill, Camden Parasites by Daniel Lux, Anarchist by Ian Bone, Heavy Burden on Young Shoulders, Prisoners and Partisans by Kate Sharpley Library and Rigoberto Menchu and the Story of All Poor Guatemalans by David Stoll.

From Black Flag #218 1999.

The Revolutionary Contribution of Paul Mattick

Review of Marxism in a Lost Century: A Biography of Paul Mattick by Garry Roth (Haymarket Books/Historical Materialism Series).