Falling Wall Book Review #2 (1974)

Falling Wall Book Review 2 cover

Second edition of the journal of Falling Wall Press with book reviews etc.

Including reviews and commentary on:

  • The Political Economy of Population Control in Latin America by Bonnie Mass - Suzie Fleming
  • Why I Want a Wife by Judy Syfers - Sheila Mullen
  • The Arusha Declaration and Tanzania: Party Guidelines - C.L.R. James
  • How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney - Henry Mapolu
  • The Awakening by Kate Chopin - Priscilla Allen
  • The Newsletter No.4 - Suzie Fleming
  • Irish Women Speak - Esther Ronay
  • Rates for the Job by David Beecham - Huw Beynon
  • The Little Green Book by Anne Summers et al. - Gavin Edwards
  • Lip: How French Workers Are Fighting the Sack - Selma James
  • The Grand Coolie Damn by Marge Piercy - Emma Wood
  • Counter-Planning on the Shop Floor by Bill Watson - Arthur Fletcher
  • Wages for Housework by Giuliano Pompei - Sheila Mullen