France: Post Office strikes

The flagship branch of the french post office and the only one to open 24 hours a day has been hit by strike actions.

Submitted by jef costello on April 20, 2007

Counter staff, sorting workers and delivery workers at the Le Louvre post office all took part in a one-day strike on April 11.

The counter staff are demanding the withdrawal of a new plan which threatens to slash the 100-strong workforce by 30%. In addition they are demanding that there be no changes to work schedules.

Sorting workers are demanding that the site restructuring keeps as many jobs as possible and transfers as little work away as possible. They also want workers to be allowed to remain on full pay until they find satisfactory transfers and that no workers have moves or changed working hours imposed upon them.

The delivery workers want the Facteurs d’Avenir (postmen of the future) programme withdrawn and are also calling for a monthly payment of 150 euros to make up for the extra cost of living in Paris.

Night workers in sorting offices in Paris have been striking on Fridays since October 16. They have already won a 1.50 euro per hour wage increase and a bonus of 60 euros but they are continuing their action, judging these offers to be insufficient.

Delivery workers have been striking on Saturdays since April 7, they are calling for the end of Facteurs d'avenir and for an extra 150 euros per month.

The union SUD has given notice of strike action across Paris by counter staff workers. They are also calling for the monthly payment. In addition they are demanding an end to the restructuring plan which would see massive layoffs and remaining workers given punishing schedules, for example 11-hour shifts.

The counter staff have chosen Monday for strike action because no social security payments are sent on that day. It is a measure of solidarity, recognising the social function of the postal service.