Further walkouts by bank workers in Greece

Bank workers are on strike for the second time in two months as part of the continuing campaign against pension reform.

Submitted by Alex... on March 6, 2008

The strike has disrupted service at the country's central bank, and has brought chaos to electronic trading systems, as well as stock and bond trading. Thousands of workers have been on strike since Monday, and it was decided on Tuesday to continue the action.

Workers are protesting against proposed pension reforms which will see a raise in the retirement age, loss of benefits and potential job losses in the public sector. The pension reform bill is expected to be presented to parliament on Thursday.

The Bank of Greece is seeking a court injunction against what they are calling an "illegal and abusive strike" to force the strikers back to work. Unions are meeting on Thursday to decide on a response to the injunction, and to discuss the continuation of the strike.

The walkout follows months of widespread strike action and protests by Greek workers against the pension reform bill, and further action is expected to be decided by unions after Thursday.