Greece: Thousands gather in an anti-government protest at suspension of state broadcaster ERT

Anarchists and workers show solidarity with the fired 2,656 employees of state TV and radio of Greece.

Submitted by Perseus999 on June 12, 2013

Thousands in Athens, Greece gathered in the evening of June 11, 2013 outside the national TV headquarters, in solidarity with 2,656 employees that were left jobless in just one day.

The protest continued all throughout the night and into the next day (today) to protect the building from the riot police who were supposed to violently evacuate it early in the morning.

Watch a panoramic video of the protest below:




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Submitted by freesyndicate on June 18, 2013

The question was already raised:
"The same Fellow Workers that we stood in solidarity to, have for many years been obeying the State-Boss and the each-time-rulling party in whatever was demanded of them, a fact that they themselves have been arguing about these days..."
The "state-of-the-art" reaction of left or/and leftist parties has been "change nothing!" - a callout for themselves to "keep what they consider as theirs'", that is to avoid among the workers questions on emancipation, egalitarianism, self-control (workers' control) etc., and maintain the role of "leader" (alias "authority") for each of these parties...
The anarchosyndicalists - outnumbered and split into several small groups as we are - expressed (mainly through an announcement by A-S.I. ROCINANTE - Α.Π. ΡΟΣΙΝΑΝΤΕ) their point of view, that what should come out of this struggle is a wide-spread message of solidarity and workers' consideration of the power they (could) have, moreover would they strengthen their organization in a class-struggle syndicate, and would they re-consider their place within the "labor" process... The equalitarian-autonomous-self-management prompting group around the newspaper "Δράση" (Action) called (expresing a self-organized collective outside the building of ERT-central) for "ERT of the people and the workers".
after a "supreme court" decision that ERT should be re-opened, last night, little is left to the "working-class movement", since the parties re-started their manipulation of the "populus" through televised fight over the body of "Democracy", "Parlamentarianism" and "the number of workers that'd be fired in the next few days"... This is what most of the solidary-persons are dealing with today...
We need to re-claim the role of ORGANIZED, LIBERTARIAN, EMANCIPATED, CLASS-STRUGGLING SYNDICATE, and we need to work on that soon, firstly by fighting for our unity in an egalitarian/federal economic organization of the class-conscious workers...!
Let's hope and fight for it!