Industrial Worker #1688 (October 2006)

The October 2006 issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Submitted by Juan Conatz on October 5, 2014

Contents include:

- Northwest flight attendants strike barred by Joshua Devries

- Starbucks workers joining IWW in global fight for labor rights

- Making work safer with direct action by Daniel Gross & Joe Tessone

- Readers' soapbox

- Farewell, Fellow Worker: Steve Lindenmeyer

- Farewell, Fellow Worker: Jenny (Lahti) Velsek

- East End Food Co-op workers lose close NLRB election

- Organizing today for the One Big Union tomorrow by Dean Dempsey

- Boston GMB marches to end firing of Harvard custodian by Mark Wolff

- The storms that a resolution can cause: Istael, unions & democratic debate by Marc B. Young

- Skypecasts: great new tool for union meetings online by Eric Lee

- Bradford IWWs stand up for fired Starbucks unionists by Peter Moore

- IWW assembly calls for Organizing Department

- 100 Wobblies and supporters rally for Shattuck workers by Dean Dempsey

- The right to organize in education

- What is the value of a worker's life? by Arthur J. Miller

- Are we not slaves? by Jon Bekken

- Poetry can be a class act by Gary Cox

- March to the left by Dorice Mcdaniels

- Harvey slays the time-study monster by J. Pierce

- IWW victory for taxi drivers at LA airport by Ernesto Nevarez

- Working Families Party wins Massachusetts ballot line by Mark Wolff

- World labor solidarity

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