International Council Correspondence Volume 2, Number 5

International Council Correspondence, Vol. 2, no. 5, April 1936

Submitted by Qasim on March 19, 2016

•Election Year / [Paul Mattick]
1. 2. 3.
•Forthcoming Articles in the Council Correspondence
•The Miner’s Strike in Belgium
◦The Situation before the Strike
◦The Strike
◦The Trade-Unions choke the Strike
◦The State Participates
•Boom with Twelve Million Unemployed
•The “Victory” in Spain
•Marx on Social Reform
•Workers’ Councils, by J.H. [=Anton Pannekoek]
•[Quote from Marx, The Eighteenth Brumaire]
•Book Reviews / [Paul Mattick]
◦Conze, Edward – The Scientific Method of Thinking. An Introduction to Dialectical Materialism. Chapman & Hall, Ltd., London, 1935
◦Uphoff, Walter, H. – The Kohler Strike. Its Socio-Economic Causes and Effects. – Chas. H. Kerr & Co., Chicago, 1935