International Council Correspondence Volume 2, Number 12

International Council Correspondence, Vol. 2, no. 12, November 1936

Submitted by Qasim on March 19, 2016


•Work Shop Committees in England (Leeds, England)
•On the Soviet Constitution (open letter to Feuchtwanger taken from the Sozialistische Warte of Aug. 15, 1936, by A. Rudolf, former Soviet official; author of Goodbye to Russia)
•What must be done? Introducing our new pamphlet What Communism Really Is (The Social Average Labor Time as the Basis of Communist Production and Distribution)
•To the Reader
•Max Nomad’s Masters of Tomorrow / P.M. [=Paul Mattick]
•To All the Workers in the World, by The National Confederation of Labor, The Iberian Anarchist Federation
•The “Popular Front” and Fascism
•Democracy in Russia
•Roosevelt's Prosperity




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Submitted by whirlwind on March 21, 2016

The sharpening of the arab-jewish relations, begin-
ning in April 1936... It is only to be observed that in this situation not a
single organization sought to conduct the struggle
against its own bourgeoisie.

This is how the International Council Correspondence attempts to bury the 1936 General Strike of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie in Palestine. It omits to mention the only organisation of any import – the organisation of the working class.