Israel: nine students arrested outside the Knesset.

The students were arrested for assaulting police officers.

Submitted by jef costello on May 15, 2007

A total of four officers were lightly wounded by stones during a large demonstration in Jerusalem on Monday. Roughly 1000 students headed for the parliament building and tried to gain entry, it was at this point that fighting broke out between police and demonstrators.

Negotiations between student leaders and government have been deadlocked for two weeks and the student strike has now lasted for 30 days. The students are protesting against the adoption of the recommendations of the Shohat commission which include lower budgets and higher tuition fees. Earlier in the day student leaders had met with government officials but no solution was found.

The student strike is widely supported by staff, Yossi Yona a lecturer at Haifa university denounced as illogical and immoral that fact that a commission which from the beginning was only motivated by economic concerns could bar students from university.