Italian trucking strike starts to bite

The effects of the week long trucking strike and blockades have started to have an impact, markets are empty, and factories and petrol stations have been forced to close. Fiat are reporting a loss of production of over 4,000 cars a day. The government remain defiant.

Submitted by working class … on January 28, 2012

Truckers across Italy have been on strike for the best part of the last week. They are striking against rising fuel prices, and against the government’s austerity measures. The effects of the strike are now starting to be felt

It is reported that 100,000 tonnes of fruit, vegetables have had to be destroyed because it cannot be transported. Markets in Milan are completely empty, and only able to sell 20% of the usual produce in Rome.

Many petrol stations around Italy have been forced to close as the pumps have run dry, and have not been able to refuel.

Fiat says that the strike has shut down their supply lines, and host cost them the production of 4,200 cars a day since the start of the strike. Some of their factories have been completely closed.

Coca-Cola has ceased production and closed two of its bottling plants as their warehouses are full, yet cannot transport anything out.

Business leaders in the Palermo area have got together and decided to lock out their workers in a protest against the strikes.

An Italian government spokesman has stated that “They will not be backing down”.