FIAT factory blockaded

The FIAT factory at Pomigliano (NA) in Southern Italy has been blockaded since Thursday April 10th.

Submitted by mic on April 15, 2008

The mobilisation was organised by a workers committee, constituted independently from union membership. 99% of workers adhered to the strike, which was loosened on Monday 14th April when workers decided to only block gates for goods in an attempt to force the factory to a halt.

The dispute concerns 316 workers who have been externalised to a new logistics arm in Nola, considered by everyone at the factory to be a short step before dismissal. The blockade of trucks will continue until all 316 workers are re-asbsorbed into the factory workforce, since all workers consider their jobs to be at risk following this move. The factory is the largest in southern Italy and employs thousands of workers.

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