Italy: truck drivers strike over conditions

strikers at the Fréjus tunnel on the Fench Italian border

An estimated 90% of Italian truckers have taken to the streets in protest at rising fuel prices and deregulation of the market.

Submitted by jef costello on December 10, 2007

There have been three major types of protests: filtered barrages on motorways; blockades of motorways and rolling barrages. The strike action is planned to last five days and is likely to seriously affect the 70% of Italian freight that is moved by road. According to La Stampa the strike will cost up to €5bn although the FAI union estimate is €2bn.

There are reports that the entire road network between Rome and Milan is at best reduced to a single lane and mostly entirely at a standstill. Border crossings have been entirely blockaded causing tailbacks in France stretching towards Nice. The tunnels at Fréjus and Mont Blanc are being picketed but are currently still open.