London student rent strike campaign forces £500,000 in concessions from university

UCL Cut the Rent
UCL Cut the Rent

All demands by the UCL Cut the Rent campaign have been met by the Central London university after a sustained campaign focussed on "tactics of disruptive protest, direct action and rent striking". The campaign will now escalate to demand rent cuts cross the campus.

Submitted by Jacques Roux on November 30, 2015

After a protracted, hard-fought campaign, all 238 former residences of Hawkridge House have had their demands accepted in full by UCL. The settlement will award each student, many of whom participated in a rent strike, £1,200 each - the equivalent of a 9-week rent cut and a total sum of almost £300,000.

This follows last month’s announcement that student rent strikers at Campbell House would be awarded over £100,000 for the 'unbearable' living conditions they experienced, as well as last week's victory for the current residents at the hall of a 25% rent cut, totalling another £100,000 over the course of the year.

This marks a new beginning for the student housing movement - these tactics of disruptive protest, direct action and rent striking have been proven to be incredibly effective. Utilised on a university-wide scale, it is clear the campaign for affordable rent prices can and will be won.

On Friday at 13:00, we will be holding a rally in the Quad to demand an immediate 40% rent cut and the establishment of affordable rent prices for all those living in UCL student accommodation. Before then, make sure to sign our petition to UCL management

Full press release and more on UCL, Cut the Rent Facebook.


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Submitted by Jacques Roux on December 2, 2015

This article is also useful for context:

A rent strike at UCL has ended with a total student victory. The university is paying £100k in compensation to the strikers, who had to spend a year paying extortionate rent for “unacceptable living conditions”. This amounts to compensation of between £1,368 (double room) and £950 (single room) per person.

Housing is becoming an increasingly focal for the student movement. Here’s why the monumental UCL victory is big news for students everywhere:


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Submitted by Khawaga on December 2, 2015

Great news!