Oaxaca communards shot by police

Four people have been wounded after police and hired thugs loyal to Governor Ruiz opened fire on a popular assembly's 'mobile brigade'.

Submitted by Sorry. on October 14, 2006

Members and supporters of the Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO) have been injured by police gunfire in an incident on October 10th outside the Department of Civil Protection. Part of an APPO 'mobile brigade', the group had spent the day painting slogans and peacefully occupying government premises when they were attacked.

Men loyal to Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (URO) opened fire, hitting 2 people in the legs and another in the forehead and back as they attempted to board a truck, meanwhile others were forced to run for cover as the group shot indiscriminately. Aurelio Mendoza and Giovanni Rojas were taken to hospital, and have subsequently been discharged. Two law students were also hurt.

The police were then attacked by supporters of the social movement, wielding stones and catapults, they were eventually forced back into the Department of Citizen Protection. In total around 60-80 shots were fired. The men were then removed by truck from the building, with one prominent member of the security forces (Director of Banking, Industry and Commerce Auxiliary Police, Alejandro Barrita López) present at the operation.

APPO spokesman Florentino Domínguez Martínez blamed the attack on "the group around Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, who since learning of the creation of a subcommission of the Senate Committee for Interior Affairs, has been organizing brigades to open the offices closed since the end of July."

The shootings show "the desperation of tyrant Ulises Ruiz’s group of assassins faced the fact that there are enough factors in Oaxaca for the Senate to revoke his power and name an interim governor".

Since negotiations began with the government, URO has been attempting to establish a veneer of normalcy, so that the state does not appear ungovernable, hoping to re-open some of the offices occupied by the social movement. APPO activated the mobile brigade to paint slogans on public buildings, including: "The dead, the prisoners, the assassinated, isn't that ungovernability?" and "All power to the people. Remove the government’s powers." The main highway to Mexico City was also blockaded with buses.

Section 22 of the teacher's union has now suspended talks on a return to classes until a decision is made on the removal of URO and other authorities, they are also likely to reject the 17 points issued by the Interior Ministry and inadequate.