The pink triangle: the Nazi war against homosexuals

Pink triangles
Pink triangles

A detailed account of the treatment of homosexuals by the Nazi party.

Submitted by Reddebrek on September 23, 2017


I had the good fortune to receive encouragement from many women and men who saw me through the long years of work and worry. Four men have gone out of their way to help me; I will list them in order in which they have entered my life and this book;
New Republic Books editor Marc Granetz, who let me, so to speak, into the house and gave me the first valid directions.

My assistant, Hugh Murray, who never tired of checking esoteric data in various libraries. His broad knowledge of European and American history provided an invaluable perspective for my project and spurred me on to explore those murkier aspects of German history that I had feared defied transfer into English.
Andrew Reubenfeld, whose kind heart did not keep him from using several red pencils and sharp scissors whenever he thought I was deviating from the main road. He also prevented the footnotes from overgrowing and choking the text. Finally, he held steady ehen I despaired of ever being able to accommodate the abundance of material. As a native born American, he conveyed an unobtrusive optimism that restrained my Central European philosophising and excessive Weltschmerz.

Last, but definitely not least, I am indebted to my new editor, Steve Wasserman, who, al though he inherited me and was faced with an enormous task, i.e., to ready a large, complex manuscript for publication within a short time, displayed not only a never-flagging goodwill but a scholar’s knowledge of German politics and metapolitics which sometimes stunned me, but which vastly benefitted the book.

Among thw women and men who stood by me, I want to mention the following: Iska Alter, Achim Besge, Zenos Booker, Alois Brands, Peter Chatel, Albert de Cocatrix, Charles Creegan, Richard Deppe, Page Grubb, Richard Hall, Gert Hekma, Erich Henschel, Winfried Hohmann, Justus Imfeld, Mrs, Kirsten Michalski-Kalow, Simon Karlinsky, Jonathan Katz, Hubert Kennedy, Mrs, Felix Kersten, Gary Krawford, Siegfried Kuhn, Jon Klysner, Rudiger Lautmann, Bill Long, David Marans, Lawrence Mass, Mrs, Elizabeth Meter-Plaut, Klaus Milich, Mrs Peggy Richard, Heinrich Siebel, Charles Simmons, James Steakley, Thomas Steele, Paul Tankersley, James Tierney, Stephen Worley, John Yancey.

And I would like to thank Randy Schein for his expert typing of the final manuscript.