In Place of a Concluding Chapter - Martin Griffin

The poetic conclusion to Squatting In West Berlin published by Hooligan Press.

Submitted by Fozzie on April 12, 2021

in place of a concluding chapter
we are pleased to offer
a brief news bulletin;

on the Stadtautobahn
police are attempting to
clear a lane blocked

by a saxophone; reports
are coming in of clouds

of 50 Mark notes drifting
past the Senate for Internal

in Kreuzberg today the wall
sealing off the borough
from the rest of Berlin (West),

was opened by the killer
of Olaf Palma
who works mornings

in the police headquarters
and afternoons in an alternative

come and visit!
visit the auslanderpolizei

the arbeitsamt the finanzarat the
the schnellverrnittler checkpointcharlie

come and visit THE EAST!!! (and spot
the difference)

and other places of interest,
said the Mayor in a statement today

at the opening of the new
torture chambers at the Cultural Centre.

the news that 4 out of every 422
demonstrators suffer from toothache
at the time of the baton-charge

was greeted by the Senator for work
social Affairs as a further proof
of the security forces' success
in countering subversion;

the u.s. military press officer
announced today that new measures
are being put into operation
to prevent terrorist attacks

which means that from now on
libyan diplomats will not be permitted to
purchase wine gums at the px stores.

and me? i am just
a voice on the radio
it is no longer warm enough
here to lie out on the soft concrete

the studio is heated however
and quite sensual
this is the end of the bulletin.