Portugal's largest demonstration for over 30 years

As the gangsters and crooks from the IMF et al are due to arrive in Portugal to assess the success of the austerity measures they demanded, 100,000 people gather in a protest against austerity in what is the biggest demonstration in the country for over three decades.

Submitted by working class … on February 12, 2012

In what is the largest demonstration Portugal for over 30 years, 100,000 people have packed into Lisbon’s Palace Square in protest against austerity measures.

The protest is just four days before members of the IMF. European central bank, and other associated hangers on arrive in Lisbon to assess the progress of the bailout programme that they negotiated with the Portuguese government.
In exchange for a 78 billion Euro loan from the EU & IMF, Portugal was required to sell off nationalised industries and implement a variety of labour reforms.

Since austerity measures were implemented unemployment has rocketed to record levels of 13%, and Portugal is in its worst recession since 1974.

One of the demonstrators said, “They are stealing our salaries and the rights we had. They are stealing from the poor to give to the rich. I am poor and I have a right to protest. The more we stay quiet, the more they rob”

So far, austerity measures in Portugal have not lead to the same levels of resistance seen in Greece, Italy and Romania. However, the biggest protest in thirty years, and growing animosity amongst workers are hopefully signs that a more muscular fight-back may be on the horizon.



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Just a small correction: 100'000 was the number admitted by police officials. The number stated by organizers, and corroborated by several independent sources, was around 300'000 people.
Not that it is that important - more important is the protest itself. But the fact is if the number was 100'000, it wouldn't be the largest demonstration since 1980 - when a right-wing coalition was also in power. In fact, last year's February Indignados March gathered around 250'000 demonstrators in Lisbon, plus 60'000 in Porto, and a 190'000 more in cities all over continental and insular Portugal.

Aside from that, a fine article. And I'm sure more news like this are yet to come, for the Portuguese, as well as the Greeks, Romanians, and other, will not surrender to this kind of policies!


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Today they where 1.000.0000 on the streets: