Postal dispute: High court blocks Monday's official action

The High Court has blocked official strike action by postal workers on Monday and Tuesday.

Submitted by Ed on October 12, 2007

The Royal Mail was granted an injunction to stop CWU members at sorting and delivery offices from striking. Royal Mail says an irregularity in the way the strike notice was issued makes the action illegal. The union insisted the strike was legitimate because it fully complied with the law. Rolling strikes similar to those in August were due to start on Monday. In August, an irregularity with the strike notice led to some Royal Mail offices being unable to strike on their scheduled days, and action had to be reannounced for those sites. It appears this loophole wasn't closed by the CWU executive before this round of strikes, allowing Royal Mail to save face.

Also on Friday, the CWU leadership announced a deal with Royal Mail, to be presented to the postal executive committee on Monday. Initial signs are that the deal will be no improvement on previous ones, with the possible exception of retaining the final salary pension scheme for existing staff over 30. There also appears to be some fudging of figures, and an agreement to introduce flexibility measures 'locally' - which would be a capitulation by the CWU if agreed whilst possibly allowing them enough leverage to get a vote in favour of the deal.

Wildcat strikes at offices around the country have largely ended due to the combination of the injunction and the deal, although offices in Liverpool remain on strike and are unlikely to return to work until later next week.