Red Emma speaks: An Emma Goldman reader

Alix Shulman has provided a truly elegant collection of Emma Goldman's speeches and writings. Shulman's introductions also display a rare and genuine knowledge of anarchist political thought. In her comments, Kates shows the relevance of Goldman's life and work for the contemporary world. This collection contains many very important essays that are not present in other collections of Emma Goldman's work.

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Submitted by syndicalist on August 9, 2014

This and "anarchism & other essays" were the first specifically anarchist books I ever read. That was like 1972 ish. Thanks for putting this up Look forward to looking at this again

Dearg Dubh

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Submitted by Dearg Dubh on October 10, 2015

This is a great anthology. (Kindle users may have to convert this file [via Calibre, a free e-book program] to a "true" MOBI file first. I found the AZW3 one that is embedded here unable to open on a direct transfer attempt from the original file to a Kindle upload.)