Rehearsal of repression in Athens

man dragged as a trophy in the centre of the park by motorised cops

The Socialist government has launched a rehearsal of repression in preparation for the anniversary of the November 17 1973 and the December 2008 Uprising. In the last few days two people have been arrested and most central Universities in Athens have been sealed.

Submitted by taxikipali on November 15, 2009

The rehearsal of repression in scope of the next thirty days including the anniversary of the 1973 and 2008 uprisings as well as the trial of Alexandros Grigoropoulos' assassins came when on the 11th of November many students found their universities sealed on the pretext of the swine flu outbreak. The biopolitical farce was soon exposed by officials announcing that "the is measure expected to last until the 17 of November". The rectorial authorities have admitted to have held council with the Minister of Public Order, but insisted the deal was that there would be reduced police forces in the city of Athens during the anniversary's typically tense protest march.

The first realisation of the measures planned for the "30 days of unrest", came on Friday night when after the big protest marches against the police state that took place in simultaneously in Athens and Salonica, the motorised police invaded the liberated park of Navarinou in Exarcheia on the pretext of a molotov attack (unrelated to the march) against riot police forces a few blocks away. The unsuspecting visitors of the park were surrounded and one man was beaten to the ground, dragged as a trophy to the centre of the park and arrested as a revenge. Eyewitnesses report that the arrest was brutal and filled with foul language on part of the police.

Later the same night under unspecified conditions a police blockade stopped and arrested a 22 year old girl who they claimed is being wanted in relation to the Nuclei of Fire urban guerrilla group. The girl remains in custody pending appearance in court on Monday, but the striking fact is that no warrant of arrest against her had been published or at least made public. The possibility of secret warrants being issued by the persecution authorities is a darkly prospect that has surfaced through this last case of repression. It must be noted that a few days before the house of a turncoat communist, Mimis Androulakis, who is now MP of the government was hit by a bomb that the authorities blame on the Nuclei of Fire, although no communique has claimed responsibility for it.


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