Anti-terrorist law jails three in Athens "in expectation of evidence"

Three of the four accused of involvement in the urban guerrilla group Nuclei of Fire Conspiracy were remanded in custody pending trial, after the state investigator applied the anti-terrorist law to them which permits imprisonment "in expectation of evidence against them".

Submitted by taxikipali on September 30, 2009

After two days of a legal marathon, during which hundreds of solidarity protestors gathered in the high court yards, the investigation hearings of the 4 teenagers accused as members of the urban guerrilla group Nuclei of Fire Conspiracy came to an end, with the release of the 20 year old girl and the pre-trial jailing of the three remaining defendants. The conclusion of the investigation has created an uproar amongst progressive members of the legal world in the country given that the girl released and one of the jailed boys (her boyfriend) have exactly the same accusations and the same evidence against them. Moreover the girl will not be allowed to continue her studies in London given that the investigator (the so-called 32nd State Inquisitor) ruled that she cannot leave the country until her trial.

Given that the persecution's evidence against the three boys are less than feeble, the investigator has taken back her earlier statement and has applied the notorious anti-terrorist law on the teenagers. The Greek anti-terrorist law was voted in by PaSoK (Socialist Party) in 2002 after the arrest of the elusive November 17 urban guerrilla groups. This law basically cancels every single article of the constitution by allowing the detention of individuals pending evidence against them.

The three boys now stand accused of membership to the urban guerrilla group "jeopardizing democracy and political system of the Republic", and for participation in three bombings of apartments housing a) the now chief of the secret services, b) the ex-chief of the general staff and ex-minister of public order, c) the ex-minister of education and his wife, the shadow minister of economics for PaSoK. The three do NOT stand accused of the approximately 150 arson-storming attacks claimed by the NFC before the start of its bombing campaign last spring.