Subversion #22

Issue 22 of libertarian communist journal Subversion, from 1997.

Submitted by Steven. on June 29, 2011


This issue of Subversion is made up almost entirely of discussion with and amongst our readers. For those in the movement who prefer debates behind closed doors and the miraculous appearance of a ‘line’ on everything from the Russian Revolution to the best toothpaste for revolutionaries this may be disconcerting.

For ourselves, we find the growing number of non-members reading Subversion critically, writing to us, adding to or contesting articles, and writing from their own experience, a very positive development.

The parameters of the debate in Subversion are clearly revolutionary. We perceive a growing core of common politics emerging amongst many revolutionaries and a clarification of where the real differences remain - many of which will only be resolved in the practice of the class struggle.

This issue can mostly be read and understood on its own, but if this is the first issue you have picked up, we urge you to write off for the back issues to get a more rounded view of the subjects being discussed. We of course welcome letters and articles from readers contributing to current debates and opening up new areas for discussion.

This is a small note about READING.

It would be better for us all to read in groups so that we could discuss important aspects of what we are reading, however, this is probably not possible for most of us, so it is essential that we read everything carefully. Read everything as if you had to write a letter in reply to it. Definitely read it twice. Have patience with the writers of articles, who may not be able to express their thoughts absolutely clearly, think about what they are trying to say, don't just write them off because they have used some phrase or other that you dislike. Finally, try to read everything SUBVERSION publishes while naked.