Transgressions #5 (2001)

Hundertwasser House built by Freidrich Hundertwasser 1986

Partial contents of the final issue of this post-situationist/psychogeographical journal.

Submitted by Fozzie on March 31, 2024

Contents available on Libcom


  • Capitalist Utopias: Forever Out of Reach, Always in Your Face - Alastair Bonnett
  • The Switch - Jakob Jakobsen

Review Articles:

  • Radical Philosophy, the declining utility of an oxymoron - Frank Zara
  • Three Psychogeographical groups: Activities, websites, publications - Dusty Bin


Guy Debord by Anselm Jappe, Come Before Christ and Murder Love by Nick Abrahams and Mikey Tompkins, The Situationist City by Simon Sadler, Comes in Your Face + Dolphins Live & Cyber Sadism Live by Stewart Home,, Comparative Vandalism: Asger Jorn and the artistic attitude to life by Peter Shield.

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*The translations on Libcom are different from those published in this issue of Transgressions by Peter Shield.