[VIDEO] Comrades Not Competitors | #BLM #AbolishICE

We are stronger when we come together. But unfortunately, some of us try to fight oppression in ways that push us further apart.

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This video has been age restricted, due to showing several seconds of a police officer murdering someone, so you have to sign in to YouTube to watch it.



Submitted by Lucky Black Cat on August 25, 2020

This video is a response to the backlash against a recent Abolish ICE protest, a backlash that came not from the right but from those broadly considered within the left. A popular criticism was that it’s wrong to have a protest about ICE at a time when so many are focused on Black Lives Matter.

There were leftists and Black Lives Matter supporters who voiced strong disagreement with this critique, but it's clearly a divided issue.

This is a troubling sign that many of us lack sufficient understanding of the value of solidarity – not just its ethical value, but its strategic value – and lack knowledge of the historical record of how a powerful mass-movement develops.

Movements for different issues are not in competition. On the contrary, they have the potential to strengthen each other. That’s what I argue in this video and I look at historical case studies of mass-movements in Egypt and France to support my point.

An injury to one is an injury to all. Our fates are connected, our struggles are connected, our oppressions are connected; we’re fighting different battles of the same fight.