What we stand for - programme and aims of the CWG

Documents of the Communication Workers Group - the original programme of the group followed by the later, more radical document entitled "What we stand for."

Submitted by libcom on May 11, 2006

(This was the original programme of the Communication Workers' Group)

1) We are not an electoral front for a political party or parties. We aim to build the strength of the rank and file. We do not aim to capture full time union positions. Full time officials may not join this group.
2) A living wage for a 35 hour week, which would make non-essential overtime and the bonus system unnecessary. The present IWM bonus system is divisive, splitting worker from worker, office from office. All workers in the industry should receive the same wage.
3) No speedups, no redundancies, recruitment of more full time staff with a view to a further cut in hours.
No loss of pay.
4) Union officials should be subject to a limited period in office, not exceeding 2 years. All officials to be elected by and constantly accountable to the membership.
Officials to subject to immediate recall, and to be paid the average wage.
No officials to spend the majority of time away from the shop floor.
5) All disputes to be controlled by the rank and file. Strikes to be run through regular mass meetings of all strikers. These meetings to coordinate picketing etc.
Any and all delegates must be accountable to, and subject to immediate recall by the mass meetings. We are against postal ballots and secret negotiations.
6) A single union for all communication workers. We are against sectionalism and for the widest possible solidarity.

What We Stand For
(This was the later and more radical version.)

* We aim to build the strength of the rank and file. All struggles must be called and controlled by the rank and file.
* We are independent of all political parties and trade union bureaucracies.
* We aim to build an organisation involving all communication workers.
* Our immediate aim is to build an organisation involving all communication workers.
* Our long term aim is the creation of a classless, stateless society where everyone is free and equal, through the institution of workers' self management, and the destruction of the state.
* We believe all struggles should be spread to as many sections of the working class as possible, and that solidarity is the key to
winning any dispute.
* We are against all forms of discrimination (such as sexism and racism) that cause divisions within the working class.

Text taken from Subversion