Communication Workers Group

Direct Action #54 (January 1989)

Issue #54 of Direct Action, with articles on anti-terror legislation, a work-to-rule in the NHS, local strikes in the Post Office, a claimants' conference in Oxford, Dutch police staging a "campaign of silliness", the CPGB moving right, a critique of Solidarnosc leader Lech Walesa, a report from the WSA, the politics of Irish Republicanism, the COB in Brazil, a review of a 1 in 12 report on the Economic League, German nazi computer games, mass sackings of union workers at Chelsea Girl, disputes at Jaguar and Lucas Aerospace in Coventry, Yardley's in Basildon, and more.

Some editions of Communication Worker - 1987-88

'Christmas is cancelled' headline

Here are seven editions of the bulletin produced by the rank-and-file postal workers' group Communication Workers Group.

Communication Worker bulletin

Partial archive of Communication Worker, bulletin of the Communication Workers Group in the UK in the 1980s.

Death to rank and filism!

The text below appeared in a short-lived project and one-off journal, entitled ‘Anti-Exchange and Mart’, produced in London in 1990. The article has been ‘lost’ until just recently. The article was written by a member of the Communication Worker’s Group (CWG), a rank and file postal workers organisation. It is a detailed examination of the challenges that faced, or perhaps, issues that beset, the group, written very shortly after the dissolution of the group. The text here is exactly as it appeared in 1990.

A seasonal message from the other Dupont - Le Garcon Dupont

This article is a short personal account by one of the members of Monsieur Dupont.

Communication Worker #05

A special bulletin of the rank and file Communication Workers Group's newsletter covering a strike ballot for a shorter working week, from 17 November 1988.

Brief history of the Communication Workers Group, 1987-1989

1980s Royal Mail van

A brief account of the Communication Workers Group (CWG), a radical group of postal workers initiated by anarcho-syndicalists in the UK.

What we stand for - programme and aims of the CWG

Documents of the Communication Workers Group - the original programme of the group followed by the later, more radical document entitled "What we stand for."

DAM rank and filists! The Communication Workers Group

Article written by one of Subversion, a former member of the rank and file Communication Workers Group, in 1994 looking at his/her experiences with the group and making suggestions on future efforts of workplace organising - importantly rejecting the CWG's rank and filism.