Workers occupy crystal factory for second night

Occupying workers in the Waterford reception area.
Occupying workers in the Waterford reception area.

Waterford Crystal workers have spent a second night occupying the main visitor centre at the company's factory in Waterford in the Republic of Ireland.

Submitted by Ed on February 1, 2009

They are protesting at the decision by the receiver to stop manufacturing and make 480 staff redundant. The company, which employs 670 people, went into receivership at the beginning of January.

Union officials and Irish government representatives met the receiver on Saturday evening. Unions are expected to brief workers on developments at the factory on Sunday afternoon. The trade union Unite has said there are two potential purchasers of the business.

Earlier in the week, a statement by the receiver, David Carson of Deloitte Ireland, said: "The decision to cease manufacturing does not necessarily preclude a resumption of operations in Waterford in the future.

"The receiver is continuing negotiations with interested parties with a view to a sale of the company's assets and those discussions are focused on agreeing the terms upon which a transaction could be completed."

The employees have said they will not leave the plant until they meet Mr Carson.



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Interview with a Waterford rep by a member of the Workers Solidarity Movement...