‘Red’ Ed is a clueless fantasist

‘Red’ Ed is a clueless fantasist

Ed Miliband has called for a 'new capitalism'. It is of course bollocks

Ed Miliband is a man without a clue, and lacking in just about everything required of a man in his position. His half-hearted support for the anti-capitalist demonstrators at St Paul’s is laughable. He says just enough to hope that the protesters notice, but no enough to upset Daily Mail readers.

The announcement this week that Labour would repeal any changes that the Conservatives make to the NHS is just cheap party politics. If and when they come back to power they will no doubt make their excuses and change nothing. After all, why would they want to change it back? It is Labour that have done more to sell off the NHS and ‘open it up to the market’ than the Conservatives. Their hypocrisy fucking stinks!

Miliband is also calling for a new age of ‘responsible capitalism’. What a fucking bell end! Whatever next, a painless leg amputation? Just for the record Ed, there is no such thing. Where have you been for the last two centuries? He probably dreamt up the idea whilst lying awake with excitement because the tooth fairy was due.

What speaks volumes about Miliband is that he says the most important reason that we need a ‘new capitalism’ is that capitalism is currently bad for business in the long term and leads to inefficiency, nothing about the working class or the inequality in society then?

Miliband has also called for ordinary workers to sit on committees to decide the salaries of top executives. He believes that director’s salaries have become disconnected from the value created. Yet again, Miliband is more concerned with what impact capitalism has on business rather than on workers.

If he wants more of a link between pay and wealth created, perhaps he should focus on pay rises for the masses, rather than the token gesture of a worker on a salary committee.

Ed Miliband epitomises the Labour Party perfectly, devoid of a spine, ideas, principles, and relevance to working people. Never mind though, because despite a century of lies, betrayal, and being a bosses imperialist party, the dinosaur left will still push for a Labour vote, with the mantra of, ‘If you are going to be fucked over, make sure you are fucked over by Labour rather than the Conservatives..’

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Nov 19 2011 11:52

"Responsible capitalism"? Pffffff...

I've heard from some people that the nickname he has, "Red Ed" was coined by sneering Tories who use it sardonically, because they know damn well that he's no "Red"(though Labour never was, no matter what Tony Benn says).